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Curriculum Introduction

SBEC International School offers a broad and balanced curriculum through the delivery of both National and International (Cambridge) curricula.  Each subject area is well planned and monitored to ensure progression and continuity of learning for all pupils across various sections of the school.  The curriculum epitomizes SBEC’s belief that students should be fully equipped to face the challenges of the rapidly changing world.  This is why SBEC also provides its students with opportunities to take part in sports and creative arts such as Music, Choreography, Martial Arts, Gymnastics and Swimming.


International education trips, excursions and activities within the local community give our students great exposure and help them to develop their confidence and independence.The learning stages in SBEC are divided into the following:

As a double bilingual school, SBEC offers all the above levels in two bilingual sections namely:
1. English/French Section
2. English/Arabic Section