I.C.T. and Science Labs

I.C.T. and Science Labs

SBEC has dedicated ICT labs that allows one-child-one-computer access. The Primary school has a fully equipped ICT Lab that can hold up to 30 students. The high school boasts of 2 Computer Labs each fully equipped with 25 Computers that are fully in line with Cambridge Standards for IGCSE ICT Examinations.  Students use these rooms for all ICT lessons and other curriculum subjects as and when necessary.

I.C.T. Labs

We present our science instruction with a combination of hands-on experiments and discovery and follow up with independent and group oral and written activities.  In addition, our students attend two 2-week sessions in our science lab with our science specialist.  In these courses the students focus on experiential in-depth explorations of specific science topics.


Children learn about the world around them as they make real-life connections through field trips, books, experiments, discussions and other meaningful activities.  Science units are thematically based allowing students to make connections across the curriculum. Concepts are built on knowledge students have already acquired.  Students are engaged by exploring, explaining, and applying what they have learned to what they already know about their world.


Kindergarten science is integrated throughout the curriculum. Some major areas of study include the ocean, bugs and insects, the farm, weather and seasons (including harvest, winter, apples, etc.).  Other areas that are introduced include the five senses, life cycles, non-living vs. living things, dinosaurs, and colors.  Inquiry-based and hands-on methodologies are employed.  Students are taught to question and explore to find the answers to their questions about the world around them.

Science Labs