SBEC Policies


Thank you for choosing SBEC International school for your child/ ward! It is our joy and pleasure to enter into a partnership with you in providing a holistic secular education to your child. Our vision is ‘To Be The Leading International School in Shaping World Changers’ and we promise to do our utmost to meet the moral, physical, social and intellectual needs of your child.  Our programs are designed to develop each student to his/ her fullest natural potential to enable them fit in this rapidly changing world. This Parent and Student Handbook is designed to guide you and your child. We encourage you to read all sections of this booklet thoroughly and discuss them with your child.


The Parent and Student Handbook includes contact information, general information about our school policies and procedures which, if followed consistently, will contribute to the development and success of our community. The Code of Conduct describes the specific policies and procedures that will be implemented to encourage appropriate conduct and ensure a safe learning environment.


Should you have a question that is not answered within these pages, please feel free to contact us on the contact details provided in the handbook, or your child’s teacher. At SBEC International School, we recognize that educating children requires a team effort, and we look forward to joining you in this vital pursuit. Together, we can realize our shared vision of excellence in education. We wish you a wonderful stay in SBEC.