Director’s Message

Nothing is more professionally rewarding for me than sharing the joys and delights of SBEC’s education system with newcomers and visitors. In that spirit, I want to welcome you and tell you how glad I am that you are visiting our colorful and comprehensive website today. On it you will find pictures and words depicting and demonstrating SBEC’s engaging, inspiring, and enriching education.


SBEC International is the school where small classes ensure that each child is not only challenged and supported by the teachers, but also by his/her classmates in a culture of respect, discipline and responsibility.


Our vision is to make SBEC a school that produces holistically nurtured bilingual students who are fully prepared for the challenges of the rapidly changing world, in a stimulating and conducive environment where the uniqueness of each child is respected.


This is a wonderful place to be educated as a child, be cared for and be connected as a family. Our size at inception does not make it possible for us to cater for everyone, but we insist on making academic and behavioral excellence the focus of our school. However, if you think that a school that has high academic standards, small classes, and a strong parent support group might be the one for you, please contact us for a tour round the school campus itself.


In the meantime, enjoy your electronic tour.



Ayesha Njie-Nyang